Everybody is a miner

A senior academician in mining studies was kind enough to spend his Monday morning with me.
We had a free-ranging discussion. I was telling him about the RESPONSIBLE MINING initiative and how we want to give accurate information on mining in an easily understandable way to the people. He said that all of us are miners. Those who oppose mining must use only river water (no bore well), must not use petroleum products. He was regretting how people with half-baked knowledge write about the mining industry in the media and mislead people and create panic.

The mining industry has to continuously communicate with the rest of the communities and keep them informed of what they’re doing and the benefits that accrue to society because of the mining industry.  In a world which is exploding with information it’s very easy for people to find the requisite data and knowledge which will support even ill-informed claims.   It is very important for society to preserve its resources as much as its important for society to be able to utilize the resources which nature has endowed  them with.

Where do we draw a line?  How do we make sure that the resources that are being taken from the earth for the benefit of mankind are done in a way the future generations do not get affected?

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