How the policy makers define the future is important

Its election time and we see promises in the air. Why don’t we get to see the promises in the earth to be precise under the earth, right under our feet. India is endowed with riches, this is something one gets to hear from school text books to adda conversations and yet we are poor as a nation. Its take not just effort, but will, to call upon what lies below and make it count. India is grappling with that right now.

According to Rahul Basu of Goa Foundation

The National Mineral Policy 2019 lays a foundation for the systematic implementation of intergenerational equity in India with reference to natural resources. However, the question is whether it will be implemented and implemented quickly. Will future generations see us as the generation that consumed the planet, or the generation that changed the course of history?

India’s National Mineral Policy 2019 says: “natural resources, including minerals, are a shared inheritance where the state is the trustee on behalf of the people to ensure that future generations receive the benefit of inheritance. State Governments will endeavour to ensure that the full value of the extracted minerals is received by the State.”

But the problem with this the word “future”. What does the future hold we are moving into a bio tech era where we are expected to combine matter with non matter this may not be far off. This ear is shuffling its feet in our door step. When that happens there would be a shift in the definition of what is valuable and useless.

Today the minerals that we possess are valuable for the technologies require them. These mineral were of no use 3 decades back and may not be of any use after 20 years. Demand, today is topical, if you are not able to act on the demand and play your aces you lose out. Your current generation loses out and your future generation will continue to lose.

Interpretation of what is the future and how it is going to pan out is important for he policy makers to understand.

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