Its Time to Tighten Ties – Part 7

India and Poland’s Mining ties

One of the recent troubles that the Indian Mining Sector faces is to do with its Coal production. Coal production is slowing down owing to a dearth of underground mining technology, diminishing recovery rates and sluggishness in mining practices. In 2014, to add fuel to the fire, the Supreme Court of India canceled 204 coal mines earmarked for governments and private companies because of the rampant illegalities. But with demand for Coal high, India has to rely heavily on imports. So in the background of such a dismal picture the offer of a hand of friendship from a friendly country is cause for hope and excitement. Poland and India signed a co-operation agreement on Coal mining by which Polish mining majors can strengthen India’s Coal sector by transferring their knowledge and expertise in areas like which -seam underground mining, exploitation of gassy seams, deep coal mining and developing clean coal technology. Poland is highly experienced in restructuring and modernizing its mining sector and so by rubbing shoulders with Poland, India hopes that the magic will be repeated for it too.

Whats the mining scene like in Poland?

Poland has been blessed with plentiful resources both renewable and Non- renewable. Poland is among the world’s biggest producers of hard and brown coal, zinc, lead, sulphur, rock salt and construction minerals. Poland is also the fourth largest producer of rhenium, ninth largest producer of silver and the tenth largest producer of mined copper. Historically Poland was famous for its amber coal (called Baltic Gold) which was traded extensively in the second century AD. Even today Poland remains a major supplier of this material, with its resources estimated at 12,000 tons.

In 2010, bituminous coal, copper, and cement accounted for about 66% of the value of mineral production. The other industrial minerals produced in the country were lime, salt, feldspar, gypsum, and sulfur. Mining remains one of the top drivers of the economy of Poland

How does a tie- up with Poland help India?

  • With their proven expertise in extraction of Coal from depths of up to 1300 meters, Polish MIning companies can help India fulfill its ambitious target of annual domestic coal production of 1 billion tonnes. 
  • Poland can not only provide solutions to increase coal production but also push India towards its sustainable development goals. Poland’s mining industry has re-invented itself with the focus on renewable energy and sustainable development and can nudge its Indian counterparts towards the same
  • Polish academic institutions  GIG and the AGH Institute of Science & Technology, have hosted more than 120 Indian mining sector engineers on academic exchange programs since March 2017. Such knowledge and skill transfer can make sure that India is building its mining progress on a strong foundation
  • According to information shared by Polish minister of mines, Polish mines are scheduled to be put up for sale that will provide India an excellent opportunity to spread its acquisitions in global shores. 

In a recent visit to participate in the Vibrant Gujarat Summit, Poland’s Deputy minister of Foreign affairs, Mr. Marek Magierowski said “We are not really promoting business here, but we want to boost trade relations with India which is a priority country for us” That’s a reassuring message to hear from a partner. India and Poland should build steadily on this positivity and promise to build their economies and also to leave a better world for the future generations

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