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Industrial Climate in TN – Intro part 1

Alan Autry, an American politician and elected Mayor vociferously resolved (probably before an election),  “I’ll work overtime to open the doors of opportunity to Industry and commerce”. This no-nonsense wisdom to see Industry for what it is, the mainstay of a country’s economic health and it’s people’s well-being is the need of the hour for our politicians and policy-makers. If we try to gauge and compare the ‘uplifting potential’ of different sectors, Industry will win hands down over agriculture and services. Our admired IT veteran, Mr. Narayana Murthy understood this very well when he pointed out “If England became a world power, it was because of …

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Manufacturing must take centre stage

  The service sector definitely is the flavor of the season while the manufacturing sector has become the villain. Jobs in the manufacturing sector has come down drastically and in most economies, the rise of the service sector employment is a validation of the disappearance of the manufacturing jobs. Those of us who run companies that have straddled both the industrial era and the information era view this trend with a certain amount of anxiety. The IMF’s world economic outlook survey report says ” the negative consequences of disappearing manufacturing jobs can be sizeable for individual workers and their communities, …

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India is losing out with Rare Earth Metals

As you would notice India, particularly Tamil Nadu, has a lot of potential in RARE EARTH METALS. There has been very little awareness of the potential of this industry. It is not just a lack of awarenesss, people are grossly  ill-informed about mineral mining. Hence the sector has faced a lot of challenges from media and the government particularly. We have to view this in a more informed way. ‘Responsible Mining’ is all about that. Minerals are valuable to the manufacturing sector. Take the case of the paint industry. There are around 300 to 400 ingredients that go into making decorative …

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